#rare footage of selena gomez and justin bieber in his natural form

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Justin Drew Bieber,

Being a fan of yours is sometimes hard because of all the hate we get for being your fan. You’re a human being, just like you and I. I know you are making your dream and other people’s dream possible. I’ve been a fan of yours since November 2009. I have dedicated and been a fan of yours for 4 years now, it’s been rough these past few months, but we are now getting out of this dark cloud. I’ve seen you grow up, but you haven’t seen me grow up, but I’m here, growing up with you. You inspire me to move along life, your songs motivate me to be a better person. You have taught me never to give up my dreams, because if I fight for what I want I will make my dream possible I admire the fact you don’t let the put downs of the haters get in your way.  I know, and I see that being a worldwide celebrity is hard because all the paparazzi’s a right behind you when you do something wrong, but they are never there when you do something right.  But you know what? I’m always here for you when you do the right and wrong actions. Yes, I may laugh about some of the wrong actions you make, but one day you will look back and say “What was I thinking?” and laugh about it.  I have a feeling towards you Justin, that I cannot explain because every time I see you, whether its performing live or just a simple picture, I smile like an idiot.

I want to thank you for coming into my life because now I have someone look up to because I appreciate you for giving me a smile ever day and for you without knowing, helping me through some very hard times. I love everything about you, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I will always be here for you, just like you will be there for me, not physically, but mentally and through music.

I love you and I hope you never stop making me smile.

♥♥♥Happy Birthday!♥♥♥

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Happy 20th Birthday to the best person on earth ♥

where do i start when it comes to him. i love this boy with all my heart and even though i go through a lot of shit because of his stupid ass i dont regret any second of it. i know he’ve made mistakes and i know he’s not perfect and that’s one of the many reasons why i love this kid. ‘kid’.. not anymore i guess. seeing a smile on his face makes me smile. seeing him just having fun and being the dumbass he is makes me happy. seeing him just being him makes me happy. i only now realize how much time i spend on him and how much i really love him, this may sound stupid to some of you, but i truly love him more than i love myself. i won’t keep going because i have tears in my eyes. you’re not gonna be 16 forever right?
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Happy 20th Birthday, Justin! (March 1st, 1994) ♥

Pisces » The Pisces man; is intuitive to the extreme and possesses superb intuitions. He is quick to take on the problems of others and has a hard time saying no, even when he should. A Pisces man is warm hearted, romantic, caring, and a true charmer. The Pisces man is loyal, kind, generous, sensitive, compassionate and often your most trusted friend. He’ll give you everything he has – even if it’s not much.

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i don’t have enough words to describe just how wonderful you’re to me. you have been a part of my life since 2009, when i watched “one time” for the first time (ironic) and i thought to myself “this kid is hella cute”. i thought that it would only be a teenager crush, but 5 years later i’m still here, and every time i look at you, it’s like the first time. 

you have fucked up a few times, and you have stressed the shit out of me countless times, but i can’t never be mad at you for more than 2 minutes because i’m just that into you, and i know you enough to say that you’re one of the greatest, kindest people out there, despite all the bullshit media around you. i have seen you at your best and your worst, yet you’re still amazing in my eyes, and i wouldn’t trade you for the world. 

you’re so dumb, you know? so, so dumb. you make me smile, and you make me cry, and half of the time i want to punch you in the face for the stupid things you do, but i love you so damn much i can’t stress it enough. 

justin drew bieber, you’re a really special human being, i hope you realize that yourself one day. happy birthday!

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jesus, 20???

I was thinking about this a couple days ago, on how life is passing so fast; I mean, maybe isn’t the time that is passing faster, we’re just doing too much, way more than we used to. And look at us, at me, 4 years ago I was like “ops he’s 16 already?”; age is just a number, you’re still the same person as 3 days ago, but it makes me so proud to see what road you chose to go. I am here, remember? After all we passed through, so many happy moments, yet so many hard times recently. You don’t deserve that. So much you’ve done for other people don’t asking for nothing in return, just for the pleasure to help people that were in the same situation as you so many years ago. And babe, listen to me: You’re worthy no matter what. I hope one day you discover it yourself, but there’s no way to express how much of a great person you are. I don’t regret anything we passed together, even when my feeling was to slap you so hard and then kiss you right after, you mess with me, and I am in love with you. Thank you for making me a better person, I learned more with you than I’ve ever imagined I could. Such a baby yet, stop growing. I love you, happy birthday.

Happy 20th birthday, with all my heart.

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it’s been almost 5 years i still fuck wit justin bieber hundred percent

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Happy 20th birthday Justin Bieber! 01/03/1994
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